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As a student of the Music Industry and a lover of sociology, this blog will act as a channel to check out reviews and new releases, but also to touch on the historical and sociological aspects of the music industry.

This is the Tumblog version of my website that I created during my internship with Sony Records. Through my internship I realized my passion for pop culture, but also my love for the deeper aspects of the industry.

My research is currently on the Role of Ego in The Industry, The Artistic and Legal Aspects of Sampling in DJ and Hip Hop Culture, The Compatibility of Entertainment With Religious Music and much more.

Again, this is the Tumblog version of my website, and I'm manually overhauling posts so please excuse the chaos, and thanks for viewing!

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Kanye West,

Good Morning-Kanye West

Sorry for neglecting this blog! I recently graduated college and I’ve been grinding hard (as you kids would say) in the job market. 

I have a few small projects in store.

Have a wonderful monday, folks.  

Chiddy Bang-Ray Charles